KTM 250 XC-W/EXC sub thanks

Hi guys,

I bougth a few month´s ago a 2010 KTM 250 EXC/XC-W Six Days and i run enduro events with it.

After putting some parts on it (gold valves from racetech and fork seals with less friction) i was very pleased with the results and the only "complain" comparing them to the WR/YZ forks from previous bikes is that they are not so progressive in some areas as the KYB units like when i hit hard rocks for example.

Like they are OC forks the subtanks should work pretty good but like i never test those before i would like to know some personal experiences regarding this matter if possible.

Ps: I forgot to say that i have also the new generation Ohlins steering stabilizer who turn out to work great specially on higher speeds and it obviasly helps a bit on suspension issues..

Thank you.

Not progressive enough as in too soft in big hits and use up too much of the stroke. I remember hearing the gold-valve setup can do just that if you set it up without the midvalve. In the instructions, they ask you to choose between a midvalve or a check-plate, and choosing to keep the midvalve is the better option.

Yes do not check plate the midvalve. I have not seen the 2010 mid valve specs to know if they have changed but the 2009 worked pretty good with dropping 1x 18mm bleed shim and adding a 14 lower in the stack. Nothing wrong with using the Gold Valves on this fork either, just use a single stage stack.

Subtanks work good if dual duty use is required such as off road and then MX with big jumps, this is what I use them for but for most I think the cost does not warrant the expense and they are not required to get the fork to work well, nor is the added risk of damage in a crash or wayward branch etc make them a good idea if just using the bike for enduros.

Thanks for the info guys.

Don´t know if mivalve is still on have to ask my mechanic that.

Today i run the bike after doing the ISDE 2009 in early October so i took a month and a half of break since then and i liked very much the feeling of the suspension, i supose that during the ISDE i stayed tired enough to have some complains :bonk:


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