Cylinder head gaskets

When rebuilding my pig, I bought a non-OEM gasket kit online. I wouldn't do it again, but regardless here I am. So the cylinder head gasket and cylinder head cover gasket are both 3-layer metal gaskets. However it appears from the old ones I took off that there was some kind of coating on them (maybe silicon?). Is this a coating you're supposed to add to the gaskets? Should I just scrap them and buy OEM (i'm reluctant because I live 3 hours from the closest dealer and have had many problems with them)?

The old gaskets had a thin coating of silicone for better sealing, especially around areas exposed to oil. You can use the bare steel gaskets with a very, very thin skin of silicone(so thin that little to none squeezes out) around the cam chain passage and the head cover. You could probably reuse the old gaskets too.

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