Jett Boots???

Any of you guys in Europe see these boots?? I just received my new Dirt Rider and saw the ad. Just curious on what you guys think as the link in the mag doesn't seem to work. I am in the market for new boots and the SG12s are very high on my list but other boots are not out of the plans just yet.

Thanks for your time!

I am interested in these boots as well, just seen the ad in the new racer x. My tech 10's are about shot and I can't justify the price of a new pair, but I love how comfortable they are.

Good timing I guess, I was just tried on the SG12's... love the feel but the price is tough swallow. I saw the add also for the Jett boots in Racer X.

I tried the website listed and nothing though???

Does anyone know when the Jett boots will be available?????

I am not sure when the boots are available for sure, but I talked to WPS who will be distributing them, and I will more than likely be getting a set as soon as they get some. I will try and post as soon as I see them.:moon:

Cool, zwalker587!! Let us know!!

Talked to WPS..Boots are due the 20th!

No other pics?

made in Italy

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