locking up a DRZ

My neighbor's KX was stolen a week ago. I mounted a plate to my garage floor, but I can't find a decent place to run my big ass chain through. Where do you guys run your chains?

Just run it through the rear wheel. The important thing is that you use a very solid chain, like the kryponite chain, and , very important, you don't let it lie on the ground. Park the bike close enough to the mount that you can wrap the chain through the wheel without havining enough slack that it touches the ground. Although, your mounnt is on the ground, so I am not sure how that will work out. If the chain is on the ground it is much more easily cut. I just watched a video on how easy it is to break a chain and it was disturbing.

Try leaving the garage door closed


I got a pretty big tempered chain, I put an old sock over it to protect the paint, and it fits very tightly in through the frame just in front of the left footpeg, behind the shift lever. Good spot, easy to make it so it doesn't rest on the ground, and they can't just take the tire off. And I got a lock which has a iron casting that covers the hasp, so it is impossible to get cutters anywhere near it, because with two links in the hasp the links cover the only exposed portion of the hasp, and because it is a 1/2 inch lifting chain, it would be almost impossible to cut without a torch or grinder.

I put an old sock over it to protect the paint,

To protect the paint. Just cut a length and slide over the chain. More durable than a sock.

I'm a fan of the Python series from Master Locks. It slides right through the front axle of my SM. They have several different models with interchangable lengths of cable.


A pair of bolt cutters and I'd have your bike in less than 30 seconds. If you buy a lock, I'll video tape it and post the video here.

And trust me, bolt cutters WILL cut right through this. As a firefighter, I've cut lots of locks for both gaining access to properties, as well as good will calls when people lost keys to their bicycles(have to prove ownership prior to us cutting anything) etc.

For people locking just the wheels-Not a good idea as a thief can just unbolt your axle and carry your bike away with a friend. A set of wheels is cheap when you get a bike for free :excuseme:

My bike is locked up with a reinforced 13mm triple heat treated security chain through the frame in front of the left foot peg, through a security eye bolt concreted in the floor, with a u-lock(new one, bic pen resistant:lol:) securing it.

The garage doors are also all locked.

My dad also installed a security system, as well as some surveillance cameras around our property(neighborhood kid has been getting mischievous).

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