Riverdale Friday 11/27


Hello everyone,

Was thinking of trying to go to Riverdale tomorrow. However, the weather today looks grim down there (looking good for tomorrow). Anyone live down there that could give me a weather update and/or tell me if the track will be rideable? My other option is AX practice at Monroe (10 min from home). I would much rather drive 3 hours and get to ride outdoors than ride AX 10 min from home, but then again I don't want to drive 3 hrs and find that the track is a swamp either. Would love to support the Riverdale folks though if possible. :excuseme:

I also would like to know about conditions, thinking of going down Sunday

I was there today, Friday. It was good. Only a few sections that were muddy, not sloppy muddy but rutted muddy. If it doesn't rain, tomorrow should be great.

well I went to riverdale since I heard they were thinking of shutting down and WOW there were alot of people there on Sunday. The track is fun.

What were conditions on the track like on Saturday? Are they going to be open this weekend too?

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