'06 - '09 450/250 parts interchangability

Besides gas tank and seat, what other parts would fit both 450's and 250's ? Any aftermarket goodies (like a PMB kickstand or steering stabilizers) that you are aware of? Thanks in advance!

I would think most things of that nature would work, the frames are so close in those areas.

I just went through this last month. I went from a 06 YZ 250F to an 09 YZ 450F.

-- Chain guide did not fit. Close but didn't.

-- Scott's stabilizer frame didn't fit. Had to buy a new mount.

-- Foot pegs still fit

-- Not sure on the specific kickstand you have, but my pro moto billet kickstand fit on the pegs so it did exhange.

-- Slip on silencer from the 06 didn't fit so I bought a new one. The one slip on came with adapter to fit on the smaller 06 though.

-- ASV levers did not fit without changing out the entire perch

-- Front brake line did fit eventhough the part numbers were different

-- Sprockets and chain did fit

-- Skid plate did not

-- Fuel screw did as well as the jets, but the needles don't. According to JD Jet Kit people, "they aren't even close." I thought a carb was a carb but I have limited (no) knowledge here.

-- All the plastics did including the shrouds.

^^ exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

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