06up side number plates on 05

so its getting pretty hard to find graphics for a 2005 crf 250 , i have the 08 up front number plate so if i can swap for the 06 up number plates it will make life alot easier, i have a titanium subframe and white bros exhaust so i hate to swap subframes, is it possiable to swap number plates on the side?

You have to change the subframe,airbox, mudgaurd, sidepanels and rear fender to 06-08 in order for the plastics and graphics to bolt right up. It is possible to get an 04-05 exhaust to work with that setup, I did it to mine. It's in one of my posts. The newer sidepanels are slightly smaller and have different mount holes. They also will not work with the 04-05 airbox. The newer subframe has a different angle taken on the side rails to accomidate the dual exhausts of that year. It doesnt work without doing all this, I tried! I got everthing I needed off ebay. This is my 04 with updated 08 plastics and needed parts. WITH AN 04-05 PRO CIRCUIT TI-4 EXHAUST!!!





is the seat the same ?

That's an 04 seat with ceet seat cover.

thanks for the info, as soon as i can sell my titanium subframe i will definetly be converting to the 06up subframe,airbox

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