06 drz125 will not start but runs

i have this bike and it is almost impossible to kick start. i can bump star it down a hill then it runs fine. what the heck is wrong with it?

start with compression test

with weak compression, they will start if spun fast enough(bump starting)

if compression checks low, start with valve adjustment - too tight can cause compression loss

if valve clearance OK it is time for top end rebuild

Good Luck

I'd start by examining the spark plug. Had the exact same problem DR125 (nearly the same engine), could kick it till the starter fell off (this is a buddy bike, it has some issues), but wouldn't start. Bump start, would run fine every time. This was shortly after I got it, so I hadn't gone completely through the bike. The plug gap was huge! (looked like someone set it that way), replaced the plug, no problems since.

ok im gonna start with the plug and then look up how to adjust the dam valves. does neone know a good how to site for adjust valves?

I don't have the tools, so I paid my mechanic to do it. Worth every penny of the $50. And I'm a pretty gung-ho DIY guy.

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