Throttle/jetting question?

So, I snapped my return throttle cable over a year ago and have been running pull only cable. No problems. I have the Red needle and re-jet with 3x3 and aftermarket pipe. Everything was working fine till I went for a little spin around the block yesterday and when I let off the throttle to shift, there is a big delay. (i.e. the engine seems to rev longer than before) I am at sea level and its about 45 degrees out. Do I need to switch up to the Blue needle?

blue needle works better.

The blue needle is definitely recommended at sea level. What do you have for the rest of your jetting?

I would replace the return cable. It's not pretty when the throttle sticks, and you can't force it shut. There is a reason that factory street bikes have it.

Any chance one of my jets needs to be cleaned? I heard this could be pilot jet issue?

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