Clutch not engaging

I have a 1990 KTM 2 stroke, and the clutch wont engage. i tried adjusting the screw at the hand grip, but that is already extended out pretty far. i ran the bike 2 weeks ago fine, and then it sat in my garage. I just tried starting it today, but i realized the clutch wont engage. I don't know much about these bikes so im looking to get a second opinion about what i am looking for.

what bike is it exactly ? you meen it wont disengage ?

yea it wont disengage. not sure of the exact model. ill check that out

Is it cold? Can you start the bike in neutral, get it warmed up properly and then try?

Has the clutch cable stretched too far?

i changed the oil, and ran it for a while. the clutch started working after about 15 min. i'm not sure what was wrong, i think it just got jammed up. the oil wasn't bad but after the change it seemed to work. i ran it for a while and it worked fine. i'm gonna have my buddy check it out over Christmas break just to make sure i'm not missing something.

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