2010 xc 250 good price ?

looking to buy a 2010 xc 250 2 stroke. wondering what a good cash price would be . i found a 09 for $6468.

In our area high six's to mid sevens,I just picked up my 09-w and paid a few hundred more than the price your getting on the xc.

ended up getting a 2010 xc 250 for $7000 out the door :banghead:

Who did you buy it from.

Good deal,wish i could have done a cash deal on my currant ride,always gives you the upper hand.

I just picked up a 2010 150 xc for $6049. In upstate NY. Im not sure about the 250 xc price but I did inquire about the 2010 300xc $7400.

i ordered my 2010 200xc-w and the price was $6,300 CASH out the door, no tax cuz im from pa, from upstate new york also.

Sucks to buy bikes in Hawaii:

2010 KTM 250 XC #KT4520

Price $7898 + fees = $9153.18 shipped to Oahu

That's out the door.

I can get a left over 2008 4 stroke for:

2008 KTM 250 XC-F #KT0399

Reg Price $7248 + fees

Sale Price $4999 + fees = $6133.41 shipped to Oahu


im glad i dont live in hawaii !

Bought my 150 xc at Ithaca Recreation Sports Inc. Newfield NY 607-564-7913

Good Folks, I plan on taking a look there once I am ready to get a new ride.

now that i ended up with the 2010 xc 250 for $7000 out the door , do you guys think i got a good deal ?

You got at least 500.00 off the price they were asking at manchester sports center,if that was your out the door price,tax ,set up fees and the other bs they throw at you when you buy buy a bike I'd say you did well.How do you like it,heard you were running a 200,how dose it compare?

now that i ended up with the 2010 xc 250 for $7000 out the door , do you guys think i got a good deal ?

I say its kinda too late to be concerned about the price. :banghead:

Congrats, and enjoy. I would love another new bike, but this one runs soooo good I cant imagine anything better :cheers:

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