hanging idle?

my 2001 cr250 runs fine except for the hanging idle. once the bikes warmed up, i will come to a stop and the idle just doesn't want to calm down. Ive tried faning the clutch a bit but after that the idle just goes back to that ding ding da ding ding ding type of sound. the plug looks rich, i just replaced it as well. Airfilter is perfecty cleaned, new procircuit silencer. Im pretty sure its the carb but I really have no clue. Ive had the same jetting for years and it never used to do this. Im also runnig 40:1 amsoil dominator. Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys, RIDE ON.

Mine does the same thing except the idle slows done to normal after about 30 seconds, then I ride it and I have a fast idle and after 30 seconds it slows down. Hard to diagnose when it eventually goes back to normal. I currently have the whole bike tore done I hope after it is back together with many new parts it will act normal.

Adjust you'r airscrew get the bike up to running temp get off the bike turn the throttle so you about 2000 RPM'S steady turn you'r air screw all the way in until it starts to die on you then start turn the A\S back out untill you get the highest Idel out of the bike.

Now adjust you'r Idel screw you should be set now.

The bike willn't idel very well cold but who cares about that it now set up to run at running temp.

Some do this tunning trick every time they take there bike out to play.

check for possible air leak.

If this started happening with no other changes, check for an air leak or clogged pilot jet.

What willie says. Hanging idle is pretty much guaranteed a lean condition. First check for air leaks with spraying carb clean or similar around the boot and reed cage, and cylinder base. If nothing is noticed, then go deeper and check out the carb pilot and circuit.

Changed in weather will cause jetting issues... if the weather has gotten colder recently you can expect that the bike will run leaner... likewise if its coming into summer and you have winter jetting then it will start to run richer.

Check for air leaks first and if you dont find any then look at winding in your air screw a little... if it still has a hanging idle with it 1 turn out or less then you need to increase you pilot jet by one size.

A hanging idle is a lean pilot circuit. Try stepping up the pilot/slow jet size.

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