kx 125 doesn't run without choke ??? help please !

i have a 97 kx 125 ...ran fine yesterday ...today i always start with choke ...doesn't start without when cold .....but today after it idles down i turned of choke and it dies ?? if i give it very slow throttle it idles up fine but if i crack it it bogs and dies?? carb clogged? why it runs with choke on only ?? i give it wot with choke and fine but with choke off it bogs and dies ?? help please !! always ran and idled fine before? its like its not getting air or gas when choke off ?? main jet clogged ?? haven't had time to check yet .... thanks again for any help

Maybe with the colder weather you are too lean in the pilot jet. Or the jet just might be dirty or clogged.

Pilot circuit might be clogged. Clean the carb, using the correct solution, not automotive spray carb cleaner, which can damage rubber components.


Keep messin with it till you can get it really well warmed up then see how it runs, no need to crack the throttle real hard till it's hot. And I agree with kx02, weather changes can have a strong effect on jetting especially two strokes.

thanks for the info .... its not too much colder than when it ran ok .... just must be a clogged jet ?? thanks again ....

it also could be loaded up, just warm it up, ride it

clean the pilot jet. DO NOT stick anything in it. use cleaner and compressed air. That hole is so small. I have seen many people think they could even use a torch tip cleaner...they ruin it everytime.

thanks guys ...cleaned carb and runs fine thanks again ... the pilot was clogged .... very small hole i can see how it gets clogged easy !

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