Tight exhaust valves cause easy kick start?

If the exhaust valves were tight then would it cause the bike to kick over easy cause the clearance on the decompression arm would be tighter? When I got the bike used it was fairly easy to kick over. I did a valve check and the valves were tight, I did a valve adjustment and set the decompression to spec, and now the bike is doesn't kick over as easy but it's not stiff, just not as smooth. Just to be sure I set the decompression right: exh. valve .011 with a filler gauge between the shim and rocker then .014 between the rocker and decompression arm and set the screw.

I checked my timing marks and everything is lined up, I even realigned it 1 tooth off to see if I wasn't seeing it right but then it would really totally be noticeable off. Bike runs great though.

if it runs then ride it.sounds like you did the valves and the decopm settings correct.

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