tc250 hard to start?

In the curent issue of dirt rider, they claim the new tc is hard to start. they say it will only start if you fallow a spacific procedure. They also complain the the kick starter hits the footpeg and tends to kick back. Do you think they tested the production 2010 or the early versions that came out.

Can anyone comment on this to be true or false.

I'm considering this bike for HS so hard to start is not an option for me with dead engine starts.



Most report it is a 1-2 kick EZ starter after you swap out of a bigger pilot. Several reporting EZ starting on Cafehusky.

My son's is a one kicker and the dealer did install one size larger pilot jet before we picked it up. Now a friend did kick it 3 or 4 times before he could start it but he was kicking it like he was starting a 125 2-stroke. All you need to do on the TC250 is press through the stroke and she fires right up.

BTW my EFI 2010 TXC250 starts with 1-2 EZ kicks although with the button I just did it to see if it would.

when i had the husky demo bike for the weekend i found it very hard to start compared to my 09 kxf 450,and the kick starter jammed behind the footpeg,granted the bike was brand new and had only been ridden by myself,i posted a short ride report on the forum prob in sept sometime,what bothered me more than the hard starting was the fact that it was real sluggish [slow]compared to my 07 sxf 250 ktm,

so the mag right up might have some merrit to it.

Well at least I know what "could" happen, not what will happen.

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