Need help with my grandpa's outlander 400!!!!!

Okay so I have tried hard to him him out but he is a little stubborn and has a hard time trusting people.

He has a 2005 outlander 400. Having trouble keeping the machine charged up. It will go for a while but doesnt keep a charge or charge while riding. he has to charge it up weekly and unplug the regulator when he lets it sit, so it wont drain the battery. Pretty sure its a bad regulator rectifier, part number - 710000908. He knows this part is bad, but he says that he also needs a harness for it?? This is where I get lost. I looked at the parts diagrams but all I see is the complete harness for the whole machine for like 350 bucks?? He tells me no thats wrong, dont need that. Just need the harness for the regulator. Something about the old plug and newer plug on the regulator or harness? says that there was one plug and now there are two on the new units or vice-versa?? I dont understand this at all because I cant find anything on it anywhere.

Doesnt he only need the new regulator? I guess this is a common thing on these machines? who knows..... I just need help bad with this.

Thanks in advanced for any help you guys can provide!

come on guys!! can anyone help here?

no one knows anything?

Sorry for the late responce, yes its your stator that is bad. My 07 Renegade did the samething, charge while its running then let it sit for two or three days and the battery was died. $468 later including parts and labor it was fixed. One coil was completely burned up and another following its place.

You need to do a olms resistance check on the stator first before buying anything.

it doesnt charge while riding either. he took it to the mechanic and they said it was the regulator rectifier. so we know he needs that. but he is saying something about needing a new wiring harness too? because the new one wont work with the old harness? makes no sense to me and I dont think he knows what hes talking about.

I have an '04 400 outlander- but the opposite happened. It overcharged and fried the battery. Dealer said there was a recall on certain 04 outanders. They move the rect/reg from the front by the engine to the rear next to the battery where the newer ones are. this involves a new harness as well as the recr/reg. apparently it is a heat soak issue. Yours may also be a bad rect/reg that shorted the stator. Hope this helps.


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