trouble starting crf

I have a 2004 honda crf 250 that I am having trouble starting. I just bought the bike a week ago. I put fresh gas in it. Is their any jetting advice someone could give me or any advice to get it to start.

Usually hard starting is a sign that the valves are bad, out of adjustment. My son has a CRF250R purchased new and so far regular maintence has only been oil changes, air filter cleaning and a new spark plug. Starts great, turn on the gas petcock pull the choke twist the throttle a few times and kick.

What is your starting procedure?

If your valves are in spec then it's your jetting and/or starting procedure.

Is jetting stock? If so go up to a 42 or 45 pilot.

Mine got to be a pain when the piston went. Can you crank it over with your hand on the kicker??

If so check the valves, if they are good, then check the piston. Sorry for the bad news.

Kick it over slowly a few times. Pull the choke. Twist throttle 5 or 6 times - more if it's cold out - and kick it. I had trouble starting mine because i was so afraid to flood it but i learned to twist that throttle a bunch - i've never flooded it.

I got the bike running good now, it was a jetting problem just still kind of new to the bike. Thanks for everyone's help

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