TurnTech Battery - Pop the Plastic Case?

Greetings all,

I bought a 5.0 AH TurnTech for my '03 WR450 after reading good reviews here in the forum. Just got around to trying to install it, and it is about .3 in too long to fit in the OEM compartment. The original thread I read was from back in February, and I believe back then the TurnTechs came without the case and were shrink-wrapped.

Does anyone know if you can simply remove the case to make it fit? I'm hoping the cells inside are still shrink-wrapped. Waiting on a response from TurnTech, but thought I'd throw it out here on TT in the hopes that I might get a quicker answer (wanting to ride this weekend).

Thanks in advance for any help

Any response on this I'm in the identical spot with my 08's.

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