2010 Model Changes/Modifications.

Today I went into my local shop to get some new boots and a few service parts for my RMZ. I clapped eyes on the new 2010 models in there and went over for a look at them. We all know about the EFI but there are some other clever little differences.

One of them nearly made me fall over. I spotted it straight away because I've done the exact same thing to my 08! I'll explain it. Maybe people will be interested, maybe not.

The second time I checked my valves I almost totally stripped the thread out of the inlet cam cap as I was tightening down the rocker cover, it went soft. This really irritated me as A) I am an engineer so its embarrassing! :excuseme: I was using a 1/4" torque wrench that was setup on a digital analyser, so when it stripped I though it was a crap, weak design. I decided then and there not to repair the thread to take the standard bolt, I fitted an oversize 8mm stud in its place and used a nut to torque down the rocker cover. This was much stronger. Bearing in mind how regularly the cover has to come off (every 12 hrs at least) I thought about doing it to the exhaust cam cap, but its thread felt stronger so I left it.

My bike cut out on me once, right before a jump I might add. After some head scratching I discovered that the HT lead had worked upwards and the spark plug and ignition system had obviously lost its continuity and the engine died. I squeezed the female part of the HT lead that grips the plug and put it on. After each session I checked it and the thing kept working loose. I feared a mid race break down or injury so had to sort it. All I did was take a bit of alluminium and bend it into a step shape then drilled a hole and fastened it down on the stud I put in the cam cap. It then holds the coil pack down

Imagine my suprise to see that Suzuki have done exactly this on the 2010! It has two studs, two cap nuts and a profiled piece of metal holding down the coil pack. Its good to know that they test and improve things, and listen to the customers. It might be a worthwhile mod for 07-09 owners too.

I have not had those problems, but I really appreciate the detailed report! AND i WILL keep an eye on it in the future

Wanna here something wierd? I ride every weekend, for hours and hours and my bikes have never needed a valve??? always start right up too!!! I am sure woods riding is much easier on a motor. Now my frame and plastic look like its been draged down the mountain (which it has at times)

I am still waiting for a non biased ride report from someone!!!

is it alum gas tank ?

yes it is aluminum, thats cool their improving the little things on them, i hate torquing bolts in aluminum, but when something does break it usually the bolt! Better than repairing threads but still its a huge inconvience, on my rmz ive broke the long bolt that goes into the case that holds on the oil filter cover, and luckily was able to get it out while only losing one thread. One thing I wish they would do is when making threads, is to put a steel heli-coil thread in there, instead of having the stupid plated bolts aluminum thread combo.

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