Oil leak 96 DR 650

I have an oil leak on the back right side of cylinder, auto timing chain adj, gasket i replaced at 3000 miles, bike now has 17000 and i thought it was same gasket as leak was at right rear of cylinder again, replaced gasket, still leaked. I removed cam cover and tryed to retorque cylinder bolts the two bolts on left side as sitting on bike came loose the bolts on the right when i tried to loosen them felt as though they were gonna break?? They felt like i got about 1/8 of a turn to torque specs. but felt like i was tourqing a sring. I think the oil leak is coming from cylinder base gasket directly under timing chain adjuster at right rear base of cylinder, any one ever have this problem with the cylinder bolts on a DR650 before. Thanks for any help.:excuseme:

I can't say about the bolts - I didn't have that problem when I did my top end job to replace a leaky base gasket, but the paper base gaskets on pre-2003 models were prone to leakage. The replacement gasket is metal and should be trouble free once installed. If you search this forum you'll find lots of comments on leaking cam chain tensioner gaskets and base gaskets. I replaced my base gasket at about the 14K mile mark. I'm almost ready to turn 40K and it's still oil tight.

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