1996 xr400????


I got the shaft on a recent 03 400 purchase and the bike was sold out from under me. Now I'm looking at a 96. The bike is bout a grand less than the 03 but it looks (in photo's) pretty decent. It has been bored to 416, hotcam,pumper carb, Barnett Clutch, dual sport kit, White Brothers E2 Exhaust (US Forest Approved Spark Arrestor) and a couple other minor mods. My question is how reliable do you think the 416 bore is? The work was done by a local shop in Ohio about two years ago. I don't know much about engine rebuilds and its quality to original Honda specs. Any help you all can give I would appreciate it. I have a 4-1/2 hour drive to buy this bike on Saturday.



how much do they want for it?.does it run good? you could always take the grand you saved on the 03 and rebuild it...you will have a great bike that will last you a lifetime.

I have a '96 that I bought new, it has been trouble free. The Pumper Carb is a big plus and the dual sport set-up is also a plus.

416 is a good bore from what I read.

Sounds like a nice bike, but don't get hung up on the Bling. Ask about it's regular maintenance. The XR has a few trouble spots if they're not regularly taken care of. Greasing of the swingarm bolt to keep it from seizing and the steering head bearings running dry.

Take a look inside the airbox to see how clean it is.

thanks for the input. I just want to get a bike I can ride for multiple years. One more cool thing about this bike. The price of this thing allows me to keep my 03 XT225 so my wife can get into the adventure riding life. Yes I was riding a freaking girls bike. Gas was $4.25/ gallon and teh Xt gets consistant upper 70 MPG. Keep the info flowing.



I have a '96. Mine's all stock but I couldn't be happier. And yea what Trailryder said - dont worry bout the bling as far as price anyway. The dual sport kit may add SOME value (couple hundred over 1 that has an orv title MAYBE) but the other stuff is minor details and shouldn't get the seller any more money than if it was totally stock. Good luck with it

It is my understanding that there are two pertinent differences to note about '96 & '97 XR400's.

1. Kick start shaft, some owners had issues with this breaking. Enlarged '98 on.

2. Transmission, 2nd gear updated in '97

Note: I have a '97 and have not had any issues with the kick starter1

Did I miss the results of your purchase expedition......................

What did you find with the '96?

Did you buy it?

bike was sold. I did buy a street legal 98'. I have it torn down for a well needed cleaning, bearing replacement, some new powder coat and some other goodies.

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