tried out a KTM in colorado

Im here in colorado spings visiting family(im from virginia) and after some rock climbing and shooting we went to the track at dragon mans. pretty fun. i was riding a ktm 520 and it was great. it was hard to get used to because of the Z feeling i guess. great bike overall, i was really starting to get the hang of it and this was my frist track ever. There was no one on the tack that day! but anyway my uncle just had a 1700 rebuild on his engine and what i do, bust it up the next day lol:ride:

I went over the largest table top there and completely over shot it by 30 feet and bottomed out and flew off the bike. the Damn KTMs throttle was sticky that day and when i bottomed out i grabbed the throttle all the way and i was lucky to just have a bruised rib.

The KTM lost a rear fender, had a busted clutch mount and a cracked mirror.

I still miss the Z feel though. i tried the honda crf 450 (03 model) and did not like the bike at all.

After riding, i still love my Z but i see a ktm in my future.



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