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I remeber a member saying there are a few drz s running about as standard still.

Well mine is one of those picked it up in oct with 1300 miles great bike runs nice around town and have had close to 100 mph

I'm keen on tuning but am not good at that sort of thing plus I have limited funds.

Can you do the air box mod and jetting with out an exhaust change? and if at a later date I fitted an exhaust would it be a simple re jet or tweek?

how much noticable difference does a 450cc big bore kit have and does it affect the life of the engine?

Schwantz had a factory race one with 450 big bore and long stroke re worked 1 mm oversized titanium valves ports reworked and polished the crank balanced and lightened and yoshi 1-2 exhaust plus a racing ignitor/cdi

Well I dont want that but something that will make me notices any suggestions and rough prices.

I live in bromley in kent (England) anyone know of a place who can do that kind of work?

Can yoshi tuning kits be brought in the UK?

Kind regards Paul

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If you have limited funds I would not worry about a big bore just yet. Start in the drz400 faq section and read up there first. The 3x3 mod is VERY well documented here and is well worth doing and does only require a small jetting change when going to a aftermarket exhasut system later on. Spend lots of time in that faq section and learn to use the search on this site and you will have many happy years of modding infront of you. Enjoy! :excuseme:

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