X-Ring Chain Question...

OK, probably a stupid question, but the X-Ring chain that I just bought doesn't appear to have a seat clip, or the grooves that the seat clip slots into...

Also, the connecting link plate doesn't fit the pin heads.

My question is, do I need a special tool to fit the connecting link over the pin heads?

It seems that you have a 'press fit' link. You need a special tool to press the link plate onto the pins, then to 'peen' the pin ends over the plate.

See if you can get a clip-type link for the chain.

Thanks for the help, I was hoping that this wouldn't take too long.... oh well.

What brand and type of chain is it?

D.I.D 520 VM Professional gold chain.

You can get a clip-style link from Motosport.com


Buy two so you have an extra, also Motion Pro make a tool to hold the plates together against the rings while you install the clip.

Don't feel bad, I got caught off guard by the same chain. I have the clip style link in my toolbox now for when I need to remove the chain.:excuseme:

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