1977 YZ 250 Chain Guides


I'm slowly rebuilding my YZ, nearly have all the bits so should be able to start putting it back together soon. It was not 100% complete when I bought it and seems to have some chain rollers missing. Mine is a 77 W3 model with a steel swing arm. I have the nylon roller that goes around the swing arm pivot and a broken guide that bolts onto the swing arm near the wheel. Im expecting to see a roller above the chain and another below somewhere near the gearbox sprocket but cant see where they may go. Are there supposed to be any there? Does anyone have any pics that can shed any light? I cant see from the Clymer manual or the micro fiche.

Just so you can see what I'm dealing with - a before pic


Got the frame back!


Cheers Dan

Thanks but I looked there already -called it the micro fiche- but couldnt see anything other than the slider at the rear and the roller that goes around the swing arm, - which are the two I know about - its the ones below and above I cant see.


Looking at the diagram for the '77 YZ250D, I see two of part number 27, which are sliders. There doesn't seem to be any rollers.

There's also a spring-loaded slider for the swingarm.

27 is a circlip! which pic are you looking at? at I was looking at swing arm, ahhhh - the frame pic - duh I'll have another look!


Part number 1W4-22187-00-00, two are needed for above and below the swingarm pivot, and one of part number ACC-11130-00-25 for just in front of the sprocket.

Yup got it! Your a star!! I'd been looking for ages and couldnt see them, I will fabricate a couple until I can get some genuine ones.


Cheers - loads of stuff on your side of the pond, trouble is the postage doubles the cost! I'll give them a call.


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