So many questions.

Can I do the auto decomp on my 98'400f?

How much for parts?

I have a noise coming from the motor, shimed valves to spec chanced timing chain, still have same noise.Had a guy tell me it was a key that was worn on

a idler?Is this common is it a easy fix?

Also the kicker is starting ti make a grinding noise if I dont push it to the front of the bike?

Can I move the hot start to a bar lever on this bike?

Cost is the major factor .Cant spend on a newer bike due to my son racing 50s & 65.He gets all the new bikes.I just hope to keep the old bike running good enough to chase him around.

You can do the auto decomp, but it requires replacing the exhaust cam. I have had five motorcycles with manual decomp, and it is not hard to do. You just have to follow the procedure until it becomes second nature. I have been doing it for thirty years, so it's not hard for me.

I think your bike needs some fairly significant maintenance work. Get a mechanically inclined buddy to help you. I'd be happy to help you, but I'm thousands of miles away in the Midwest.

Good luck!:excuseme:

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