Where is everyone riding thanksgiving weekend?


I think I am headed to doublin sunday if they are open. Track was prime last sunday.

How do the do practice there?? Open all day... Or a-b-c-minis?..quads aren't allowed there are they?

I'm trying to decide also...what tracks are known for taking rain well? lol. My buddy wanted to go to doublin so i might end up there also.

They split up big bikes little bikes 20 minute sessions. If it gets really really full they will do A/B then C then mini for 15 minute sessions. I think i get around 6 or 7 sessions in. I usually skip out on one or two. Doublin also takes rain very well but they wont open if it is to sloppy.

I might check it out this weekend depending on the weather...haven't ridden in 6 months..but got the itch to get a day in before it's too cold for my old fair weather ass... Haha

We're hoping to head up to Doublin on Sunday as well. Forecast for Sunday is 53 degrees now and some sun. I'm thinking the track might be prime by then.

Just an fyi doublin will be open both saturday and sunday and the track is in good shape for the weekend and zao is correct we do not have quads and we do not open if it is muddy!! Hope to see you this weekend!

well sounds like doublin is the place to be! me and my buddy are headin up tomorrow!

Anyone going to doublin 2maro? Weather looks alright 50 and sunny just with winds. Anyone have an idea on how the track held up with all the rain?

its windy as hell out right now...think i'll wait till sunday to decide where ima ride.

The wind will also help dry things out.

Rocket's drying out great, track will be good this afternoon but will be prime on Sunday. We'll be open from 10 till 6(Sunday's BIKES ONLY) You can call us for more info at 814 448 2701 or hit the web www.rocketraceway.com.

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We're hoping to head up to Doublin on Sunday as well. Forecast for Sunday is 53 degrees now and some sun. I'm thinking the track might be prime by then.

Confirmed, we're headed to Doublin on Sunday. :excuseme:

Just heard doublinis only open 12-4... With classes seems like more drive time than ride time.... Is this true about the hours?...

website says 11:30-4:30????

It is 1130 to 430. I will be there for sure.

i'm bringin a few also..looks like mother nature is gonna let us have one!

hmm wonder why the short hours...most others are 9-10 to dusk...

I think it has to do with the neighbors race day they don't normally run past 530. I know it sounds like short hours but you really do get a lot of riding time. If you ride the whole time your given i guarantee you will be tired by the end of the day.

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