2001 RM250 Project Complete...

A couple pics of my project 01' RM250....Its off to Pro Action to get the suspension redone. adowso.jpg


Wow. Nice.

You put showas on it? Wow! Tell us more why don't ya?

You put showas on it? Wow! Tell us more why don't ya?

Sorry they're not showas, just the stickers that came with the graphics. They are 46mm KYB's. I did think about a Showa conversion. I was kickin' around a set of 50mm from my 2000 RM by swapping a complete triple tree/fork set but sold my 2000. I personally think that 2000 was the best Showas on themarket..even today. Those showa stickers will be gone soon enough and replaced with a nice black set of Pro Action decals...what a deal for $850 bucks right? LOL

Wow that looks like it could be a 2010. Great job :excuseme:

Good job, best looking Rm yet:)

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