Who makes the standard rims on a crf?

Was just wondering what rims come on a 2004 crf250? My front rim was a DID and had 3 flat spots in it so i replaced it with an excel, I know its cheap but I tried to use the old spokes but they are to long. I'm assuming the hubs are all the same on CRF 250 and 450s for all years, was just wondering if honda used excel rims ever so i can order the right spokes. I know the length i would need is about 235-239. I want to try and use honda spokes if I can as I cant seem to get hold of steel butted spokes in the UK other than genuine.

no, i'm pretty sure it's always been DID. i know that on my 09 i had DID.

I'm struggling to find spokes in the UK other than stainless, i want normal steel but butted. Anyone done the swap to excel on standard hubs, was just wonderng if by chance, suzuki, kawasaki or yamaha spokes will work.

Stock spokes should work fine for the excell rims.. Somer excell rims though take only excell spokes.. It depends on which model you get. I have excell rims and busted a few of my rear spline drive excell spokes, went down to the dealer and bought some OEM spokes and they bolted right up?

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