TTR-90 Starting/Idling Problems

My son's TTR-90 has always been a pain in the rear to start and then to get it to a point where it will idle with the choke off. When it gets good and warm, it idles fine with the choke off.

I've had the carb off, totally taken down, and cleaned every orifice within it. I've cleaned the pilot jet 2-3 times, and today installed a brand new pilot jet. To no avail, it still behaves the same, which absolutely ticks me off.

Now reading this site it seems like this is a TTR problem, not just my problem.

Has anyone out there found a solution to this problem? If so, and you can share it with us, I would appreciate it.

Go up one size on pilot jet. Dealer will have to order. Stock is a 12.5? Go to a 15. Definately needed if ANY mods; snorkel off air box, any tampering to exhaust. Go up 1 size on main too if doing any airbox or exhaust mods.

If you want to stay stock do two things.

Get an inline filter for the gas

Make sure your gas tank is CLEAN. I found crap in mine and once I cleaned that out I haven't had to clean the carb again

FYI - I clean the pilot jet with a little wire. There is a step in there so you have to wiggle it around to get it through..But that always worked for me.

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