kx 125 forks

hi i was hoping someone could answer a few questions for me.

i have a 1997 kx 125 and need to know what kind of forks they are. i know theyre upside down but are they cartridge, dual chamber or ?. im using the videos on youtube to do my fork seals and have to know which one i have.

and also does anyone know the size of my forks? as im getting the seal driver and seals. thanks

46mm kyb Open Chamber

Yes, they are 46mm. I run those forks on my KDX. Just so you know, the re-build kit for the 97 125 is identical as the kit for the 96 CR 250. Good luck

thanks for the replys. have you ever done the fork seals on them? how hard is it and what video helps out the most the motosport video or the rockymountainatv video?

I have watched the r.m. vid., they did not show how to get the base valve out. You will need a 14mm allen that you can fit on a impact gun. Spin the base valve out with short bursts from the impact gun. Then follow the video. Good luck.

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