checking oil level

I know this may seem like a dumb post but I need help checking my oil on my 09 yz450. Every time I change my oil and oil filter and go to check it after running it a little bit, the dip stick shows that it is overfilled. I put the total amount of oil in that is reccommended in the manual. If anyone could help me out I would much appreciate it.

We'll ask this yet again: How many drain plugs did you remove to drain the oil?

both were removed and the oil was let drain for an hour until it was all out. Well let me ask this question are you supposed to put in 1.27qts of oil in with oil filter change. In the manual it says thats the total amount but then there is another lesser amount listed for an oil change with oil filter i think that amount is 1.02qts or somthing.

If you drained both plugs, the one under the left below the ignition cover, and the one on the right below the kick starter and behind the frame, AND you serviced the oil filter, then refill it with exactly 1 liter of oil, and the level will be correct.

To check it, run the engine for 90 seconds (5 minutes would be better), shut off and wait about 30 seconds or so. Then remove the dip stick, wipe it dry and reinsert it without threading it in.

Total amount refers to the oil required to fill a totally dry system, such as after a rebuild.

ok so 1.27qts is too much

Yes sir.

ok thanks for your help

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