KTM 50 jumps double at SLC Supercross!

This was the coolest... This kid from Bountiful, Utah (8 miles north of Salt Lake City) was jumping a 32 foot double that was part of the back triple! The crowd was cheering and he did it multiple times during KTM Junior challenge. KTM said it was the first time they have ever seen one of these kids make a jump like this during their KTM junior challenges.


:) There must have been some room to build up speed!

WOW, on a 50!

You realize that means by this time next year half the 50's will be doing it.

His parents should be arrested for child abuse.


First thing I thought when I saw it: This 50 cc is jumping stuff that I don't remember seeing the big boys jump, back in the 70's.

Second thing I thought: That kid knows no boundaries, and should rightfully be commended for how amazingly much he is head/shoulders/torso/even boot-bottoms above his competition. He is a protoge'. (sp)

Third Thing: How long will he be around? Looking at that photo there, I think his life is in his hands. One wreck of the magnitude he is already capable of is enough to snuff him.

I am not going to tell him he can't, I am in awe and I hope that I get to see that young man for years to come!

all i can say is WOW !! i don't think i jumped anything like that till i was 12 atleast.

I don't jump that stuff now! I hope my son doesn't see this. :)

that kid will be knee deep in whores! :)

"that kid will be knee deep in whores!"

LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:):D

So did he win? :):D

Yes, he smoked 'em all. By nearly half a track!!

Looks like next year their gonna have to move him up to the 125's :D

Are you sure it was'nt David Pingree? He rides a KTM dosent he? :):D :D

That is the picture I saw in my mind when I was at the KTM dealer looking for a bike for my 6-year old. Exactly why he just 5 minutes ago, parked his PW 80. :):D

When I saw this picture, it reminded me of the days when I had absulutely no fear. It also reminded me of the day I was at a practice track a few years ago and a kid, who was probably all of 8 years old, was riding the track on a KX 60. His Father was trying to get him to jump every jump higher and faster. About ten minutes into the session, the kid over jumped a big tabletop and landed off the track, hit a fence, and did some very serious damage to his lower jaw when one of the fence posts jammed up under his helmet. Kids will do just about anything we let them do. It's up to us to stop them from doing something that may get them killed, not encourage them. I just hope this kid lives long enough to be knee deep in whores.

I was at a track where my buddy was jumping this section on a tricked out YZ250 that was 120 feet just to clear the last rise. He was jumping about 20 feet past the 120 foot mark. All of a sudden, here comes this kid on a YZ80 and he launched the whole thing, it was amazing. He did it over and over and I kept thinking the same thing, if he eats it, he's toast.

I keep telling my wife I'd like to keep some reigns on the boys and she tells me that if we let them ride, we can't tell them what they can and can't ride on. :)

I keep telling my wife I'd like to keep some reigns on the boys and she tells me that if we let them ride, we can't tell them what they can and can't ride on.

BS. As a parent you are responsible for your children until they are 18. I am not trying to be a stick in the mud but they are part of a government where you the parents can assert authority as the supreme and soul dictator and you can say no if they are doing something life threatening. You wouldn't let them play stick ball in the freeway just because it is cool.

I never told my parents the crap that I did on my bicycles because they probably would have never let me ride again.

What your Joking right?

Look I was there and the kid was safe when he did the jumps. The first moto he actually cased the landing but didn't fall then he went wild after that.

It was apparent that he has great skills and is comfotable in the air. So applaud the accomplishment and raise your kids your way and let other alone with stupid comments.

I didn't quite state that in the right way or explain myself enough. There is no way either my wife or I would let our children do anything life threatening or overly dangerous. Her point is that I'm letting them ride and do all these things that she thinks are questionable now which makes it harder to tell them no later.

Her main issue is that if I let them ride, I'll have to let them race if that's what they want to do because I'm getting them into this sport. My problem with that is that racing can turn into situations like you see in this picture. Taking too big a chance when they are at an age where they aren't mature enough to understand the consequences.

I did also did things as a kid that my parents would have stopped right away had they known. Looking back, I'm very lucky I wasn't seriously injured.

I used to make pipe bombs as a kid. Maybe I should teach my kids how to make them the right way so they don't blow themselves up. :)

Burned, Killer 'tracker. I'm shopping for a mid seventies XS 650 right now to build me one! :D:)

Me too!! LMAO!! :D

Come to think of it, I need to get out and make some more of those lil boom sticks. :):D


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