Extended Fuel Screw

Anyone ever try one of these ?


I think I am gonna get one.

Fits: Honda 2003-up Honda CRF100/150F/230F, (will not fit the CRF70/80 or CRF230L duel sport) 96-up XR100/200/250/

400/600/650R. Minimum order of $25, or 2 each for $40.00 including shipping.


I carry a small screw driver to adjust mine but I'm considering buying one to make adjusting easier. Did you think about adding a short length of shrink fit tubing to the srew or soldering on a short lenght of copper tubing?

I find it interesting that the part listed is 96+ XR100/200/250 when the mixture screw has the identical part number on the Honda part fiche for the XR200R from 81-83 and 86+, as well as the XR250.

I was trying to adjust mine hot the other day and man I was getting pissed cause I kept burning my hand then I would forget how many turns I was out while fuming about getting burned.


My YZ requires constant adjustment. My XR, on the other hand, always seems to run perfect from sea level to about 3500 feet with no fine tuning. Engine mods didnt change it either in that regard. Wierd. Cant remember the last time I touched the fuel screw on that one.

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