01 cr125 for 02 cr250

somebody offered me a trade for my 01 cr125, he says he has a 2002 cr250 that he wants to trade, it has nothing wrong and some aftermarket, he says its to powerful for him, should i take the trade

year newer and bigger bike, all things being equal I would do it, but it sounds a little fishy for him to essentially "trade down".

well thats what im concerned about too

I would just go look it over. Check overall condition of the bike. Not just if its clean, as anyone can make a bike shine in an hour. Check the airbox, check the chain and sprockets, are the spokes tight? Linkage and Swingarm feel good and tight? Take a peak at the tranny oil is it clean, give it a sniff, does it stink?? Brand new plastic??? Why is it new, where is the old stuff? A quick glance at the proper points on a bike can quickly tell if it has been taken care of or not. An 02 should have had a couple top ends through it by now, ask if he happens to have the old piston he took out of it. (I always keep the old pistons to compare wear marks and check for signs of rod bearing failure). Maybe indeed the guy really doesnt like the power of the 2fiddy. If it looks good (and has a title) then I would go for it. If something just doesnt add up or if he cant really answer your questions about past maintenance than I would walk away and look elsewhere.

well he says its got a new top in it now and im most likely going to check it out and check out all of it to see how it is because i would also like a 250

and, is there anything bad about a 02 or what?

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