2009/2010 YZ125 for enduro riding

I'm considering a 2009/2010 YZ125 for enduro riding. I used to ride a KTM 200EXC before my current GasGas EC250. I really miss the smaller bore riding style. I have been doing a bunch of research and I think the YZ125 will be a great bike for me.

I'm 6ft tall and approx. 175 lbs with gear. How will the stock suspension and bike setup be for my height/weight? Any other mods needed for the handlebar position or taller seat?


I can say that YZ125 is awesome Enduro Bike for my aggressive type of riding. I ride most of time tight trails with roots and rocks. After 300h of enduro with 2006 and 2009 models I would say:

-gearing 13/49 or 13/50 on tight trails.

-stok pipe or fmf fatty for novice

-v-force3 reeds. Not must,but have feeling it makes power smoother on the middle. Stock works fine.

- 7-9 oz wlywheel weight

- suspension improved plushness with professional tuner. This is most important IMO.

- jetted to achieve torque (Yes, it is there!)

- mousse tires

things that i dont like:

- last gear would be nice if longer like ktm

Thanks for the information. What is your size and weight? Any adjustments needed for someone 6 feet tall?

I believe the stock spring rates in fork and shock should be ok for my weight (based on RaceTech's website). What spring rates are you using?

I have same weight as you with gears on. My height is 5.9 feet. I like racetech 4.6nm steel rear spring, i know its perfect for me. Stock 4.7 titanium i feel like bad traction on slipery terrain, but i know competetive riders who uses that. Stock 4.2 on front should be ok.


Im 6 foot 2 inches and 180 pounds with gear.

My 2009 is good for enduro, No revalve or spring change necessary.

I wound the rear spring preload 1 turn firmer. ive reduced the front fork oil level by 15mm.

I use 13/52 gearing

No flywheel weight necessary in my opinion.

use a BR8EG (or ES) plug instead of the stock 9 and use the air screw frequently for bottom end fine tuning. It pays to have the 125 jetting as close as you can get it. Stock settings are quite accurate IMO for sea level and 70 degrees.

I put protaper CR high bend bars on mine. Shave the cylinder head by .3mm if you have the time,

Nothing else.

Its great, buy one and enjoy

I just replaced my YZ250 with a YZ125 for single track duty. LOVE the thing!!! I can ride all day and not get tired, also Im faster! The dang thing is impossible to tip over. The bike turns so awesome it is ridiculous. I have an '05 and the suspension is not terrible, but it certainly could be much softer. I hear the '06 and up is quite plush. I find the stock gearing is good, first gear is a little low for me. I think the stock engine is great too. I had a 5oz. weight on until it broke. it was nice, but I havn't missed it. The pilot jet is WAY rich stock. There is tons of low end snap to be had just by swapping brass. The power is amazing after a jet change.

Thanks for all of the responses. The YZ125 sounds like a fun bike on singletrack trails.

The more I thought about my height concern, the more I realized it is a non-issue. Just look at David Knight or Geoff Aaron. Both are much taller riders that make bigger bikes such as the 250/300's look small. So a bit more height on the YZ125 might not be a bad thing. :excuseme:

Like you all said, the YZ125 is a very capable woods-bike! :excuseme:

I loved my old YZ125 that i sold.... still am.

YZ 125 is the business. I raced one in 08 at enduro's, this year I raced a YZ 250f and next year I'm racing a YZ 125 again.

What I've done so far

Cycra triple clamp mount hand guards

fork bleeders

suspension set up

Hyde front disk guard

hyde bash plate

hyde swing arm covers

fmf fatty

YZ 250 fly wheel

TM designworks chain guide

Enduro engineering rear disk protector

devol radiator braces

clear long range tank

Will post pics up when I finish putting her together.

I just sold my GasGas 300 and after riding a buddy's 08YZ125

at a trailride I bought a used 08 YZ125. I had a blast riding the 125!

I am not in the market I am not in the market I am not in the market. Keep saying that over and over again. :banghead:

I love a 125 for woods riding. I only do real technical and steep single track and I weigh 200 pounds. The little bikes have enough power to get the job done and they allow you to be real agressive without slamming into a tree. I am on a Husky WR now but if I ever switch brands a YZ would be on the top of the list. I've ridden several YZ250's and like them except I think they are just a little too much on slow speed trails. I imagine the 125 would be just right.

I just sold my GasGas 300 and after riding a buddy's 08YZ125

at a trailride I bought a used 08 YZ125. I had a blast riding the 125!

You're not the only one i've heard of doing that ---- from a 250 2-stroker going for the 125cc in the trails :cheers:

The '06 and up YZ125 is really an amazing bike for tight trails, even better than the 150SX :banghead:

If you buy this, can I pry you off the seat long enough to take a spin? I might be interested in a 125 to compliment my 250!:banghead: Maybe we can get a 2 for 1 deal at the dealer....Hmmmm?

On many trails I can ride a YZ125 like I stole it, but then my mind starts to think about the laundry I need to do or if my boot buckle really is flappin' around.....and this leads to my cornering speed being slower than what's legal in 49 of the 50 states.

If you can make that YZ sing and rail the corners like a cat on Velcro, more power to ya!

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