Bethal HS & ATV trails & HUNTING!


I recently called the management inquiring about the area's current hours.

Found out a whopper of a recreational planning idea.

Lets allow hunters and ATV riders on the same trails and area on the exact same days.

No more Sunday only off-road riding.

Wear an orange vest when you ride here from now on was the advice given to me from the office. :excuseme:

A woman and her daughter were just shot while riding horses on designated trails by a hunter. Both are in critical condition.

Why can the management authority not come up with a reasonable schedule to appease the hunters and riders? They have already severely cut down on the riding areas with the new travel management rule (36 CFR 212.56) .

This seems like a horrible idea to me. There are far more areas for hunting than riding. and they want to allow both activities on the only ATV trails in De Soto designated by the MVUM? Common sense tells anyone this is not going to end well.

Is one day a week too much to ask to be able to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about a deflected bullet or bush shooting hunter?

Been going on forever. Common sense and the USFS????? Ahhh grasshopper, you have much to learn.....

Where are you talking about? Is this in the Jackson area?

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