need help with 05crf250x

I need help with what to look into next, my son rides this bike and his bike recently has became hard to start, within the last couple rides. Now I cant get it to start using the button or by kickstarting, it will jump start. I've checked out everything I know to check. I've cleaned the aircleaner even though it wasn't bad, checked to make sure it is getting good spark,it is, and plug looks good, it is getting good fuel flow, and I checked to see if the jetts are clogged and the battery has a good charge. I dont know what to look at next, so if you out there might know PLEASE hit me up with some advice. My son looks like he just lost his best friend, I've got to get it running before sat. big ride for us and he dont want to miss it. So please help!!!!!

valves need to be checked.

ok I've checked the valves and the exhaust is .011 and the intake valves are supposed to be.005,well there so tight I can't even get .002 to go. Atleast their not loose rite, so van you tell me is this good or bad and what my next step should be.

time to re shim it, back to orig. spec. thats the next step.

ok I've checked the valves and the exhaust is .011 and the intake valves are supposed to be.005,well there so tight I can't even get .002 to go. Atleast their not loose rite, so van you tell me is this good or bad and what my next step should be.

I would rather have them loose, but that's not the case. You can shim but that may not help for very long. Usually this is an indicator of it being time for a new head (or rebuilt one) and new valves. The upside is you usually get warning signs before they go south again. Good luck! Hopefully you can get plenty more hours out of it before having problems again. Just keep an eye out for problems getting it started. If you encounter hard starting in future, leave that bad actor in the truck or it could leave you in a bad way in a place you don't want to be.

Thanks for the help everyone, thanks alot!

Re-shim and start saving for the valve work. Some people have had some luck just throwing in new valves....but that risks trashing a couple hundred bucks worth of parts.

The seats will need to be recut, and valve guides checked/possbly replaced.

I used Ron Hamp Cycle's to have my head reworked. I think he is a very honest businessman. He returned part of the fee, as not all work quoted was actuall required after inspecting my head. He also was quite honest about what would actually be beneficial for my bike.

i reshimmed mine and it started first kick

i reshimmed mine and it started first kick

How many hours since you reshimmed?

only one ride so far, maybe like 4ish hours. just did it last week

only one ride so far, maybe like 4ish hours. just did it last week

Post again when you have to reshim it again, by all previous experiences it should not be long.

most likely next ride out......

most likely next ride out......

Yeah, I didn't want to jinx him though, Maybe he will get 10-15 hrs out of it.

lol well ok then.....

When mine started to go, it was no more than 5 hours after I had to re-shim the second time, and then I shimmed it almost every 2 hours, till the valves 0'd out. I had Ron Hamp send me an R head that had all the work done to it and I haven't had to re-shim since.


i bought my '05 in '07 and by early '08 had shimmed and re-shimmed all i could. it's the light titanium OEM valves that wear out so fast. I dropped the big money on the steel Hepplewhite valves last year and haven't adjusted them or had a starting problem since

It is a rapid decline! once the shims need doing, the valves are getting shot. but also check the valve seats. I know a mate who did new valves on a Suz RMz. but he still has to reshim after each event, or hard training session. it just becomes a pig to start when it is cold. His valve seats are clearly at fault. the suzuki inserts are very similar to the Honda...same construction and composite.

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