HM models for 2010 - interesting...

May be some of you saw these bikes before. HM in Italy (HONDA - MONTESA makes them for europe - great bikes - especially CRE F250R enduro based on 2010 CRF250R cross bike... Hope honda will produce them for other countries too.. :excuseme:



and how about 300 cc CRF?? they have it in line-up too...



and all enduro bikes are street legal... :bonk:

bad ass

300cc is nice, but i would miss the air filter door. and Europe can keep the rear fender. other then that....sweet!

look closer.... the 300cc has the air filter door!

yea i see it now that i looked at that link. :excuseme:

300 HM uses the Vertex 290 kit

Check the price for the 300X 8,850 Euro = $13,245

These are cool but that is a lot of of cash.

Hopefully, Plated for this price and :

Leo Vince exhaust

Buddy pass pegs made by Hm

Vertex Kit

Hourmeter counter...

A very efficient bike.

i dont like those cheap flimsy handguards and the rear fender why do all 250x's have that long break line unlike the 250r

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