what did you do to your yz today?

Saw this thread in the kawi forum, couldn't help but make our own. :excuseme:

Today I took off my carb and checked the stock reeds to see if they were in spec. I washed out the air box, bought new drain hoses for the carb, and cleaned up the whole intake exterior.

What did you guys do?

yea I'm bored out of my flippin skull..

It would be easier to list what I havn't done to my beloved steed. um.......oh, I havn't touched the front wheel bearings yet.

Today I cleaned and oiled the air filter and adjusted my new chain. Keep in mind I just took the complete bike apart a week ago and just finish putting it together.:excuseme:


replaced chain

put on hammer head shifter that I received last christmas

replaced air filter

put big tank back on


ordered upper steering stem bearing

PICKED UP an OHLINS 48 MX fork and OHLINS PRC shock!

Today...let the air out of both forks with my speed bleeder things. Froze ass off while doing this.

Im going to put on the new front brake lever, oil change, and most likely change out the shift stopper.

Day before yesterday, sand blasted the frame

Yesterday painted the frame

Today, Media blasted the engine.

Yesterday, removed top end and flywheel wieght. Today, removing flywheel, clutch, and splitting cases.

installed boyesen racing ignition and clutch covers today...ohhh they look sweet :excuseme:

Umm....... i walked passed the 125 , knowing i have to put the top end together , and test it. He races the 11th.

I had to change my daughter's oil instead. She's home from college, but the car itself is not stationary very long ..... so i had to do it now.

Sorry NOT real exciting ,, however the wind was howling and that itself made it a challenge of sorts

I tore the piston company stickers off the off fork guards and shipped them back.

Drained air from forks using speed bleeders. Too cold for much else.

re-grease linkage bearings

Dam you guys must be bored. Weather is wonderful here. riding tomorrow morning on the 265 and hopefully the 125 Hahahaha

Might go and sit on the beach this arvo and have a couple of beers and check out the talent

I put in a clean air filter for tomorrow's ride.

Usually I do all my cleaning and maintanance right after a ride, so then it's all ready for the next one.

I tore the piston company stickers off the off fork guards and shipped them back.

Drained air from forks using speed bleeders. Too cold for much else.

Cold in Utah? I wouldn't have thought.

Here it was pretty good the past week, had a chinook that gave us +9C weather, could have gone riding..

Days are short though, the sun is set at 4pm so even if it's warm it's hard to find time to ride with light.

I want to buy those air bleeders for the forks, push a button and done. Guy I bought the bike from had a set on his 450, flipped the forks around so that the buttons were forward of the handlebars instead of underneath them. Worked awesome.

Is the ignition cover billet aluminum or plastic like the stock one?

I added a set of Fastway footpegs today and can't get over the difference.

But at 20 degrees the cold steering stabilizer and suspension oil, not to mention the frozen seat, make the rest of the ride not so enjoyable.

But the footpegs rock! It's like standing on milk crates but you can still throw the machine around like before.

i was gona find a way to rig up one of my handguards because i lost the peices that go into your handlebars, but im not going riding anymore.

Stared at it debating on if I should ride in this freezing weather.

Regreased all rear linkage bearings (did my brother's bike too, who has a broken hand from crashing). Cleaned air filters in both bikes. Went riding with my kids in the afternoon.:excuseme:

removed stickers:)

less is more.

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