Another Tyre Question

I finally settled on a pair of Dunlop 952s for my RMX, very impressed after first ride.

While is was looking I found a guy on ebay selling Pirelli MT-320 Tyres 80/100-21 100/100-18

Would the 100 section rear be too small for a 250 2 stroke?? Are these a decent tyre otherwise.

They are going brand new for $100 AUD a pair, brand new. Damn cheap.

I think the bloke is pulling them off TTR's when they go thru compliance and getting what he can for them.

I would think that they are kind of narrow for a 250.

I liked the Dunlops on mine. Ran them for years.

I'd think the 100/100 would be a little narrow. If they're cheap enough try one - you may like it. I've used 120's before with good results.

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