pipe compatability CR250 GEN3

I have an 02, but Ive found some good deals on pipes for 05-up, does anyone know what the difference is? could I adapt the newer pipe to fit? I know they bikes did not change THAT much in the GEN3 years, did they?

The frame is the same, but I think in 04 there is some sort of exhaust flange on the motor that wasn't on the 02 and 03, so 04 and up pipes won't work on the 02 - 03.

ok, thanks for that info!

02, 03, & 04 have the same cylinder then in 05 they changed to a different design (power valve access & pipe mounting, etc.) for 05, 06, 07. FMF shows a different pipe part no. for the 02 vs. the 03, 04 but I don't know what is changed. Visually they should fit but I've never tried.

yeah thats what I noticed, but I know sometimes the part number changes just because of a mounting tab that can be modded to fit, thats why I was asking....good info thanks guys!

They did change the cyl. design from 05-07 vs. 02-04. The 02-04 pipes have a female outlet at the end of the expansion chamber where it meets the cyl. & mounts on a exhaust flange. The 05-07 expansion chambers have a male outlet that goes into the the cyl... The silencers & sparky's do interchange from 02-07.

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I have a pretty nice Doma silencer already on there, but I wanna dump the FMF fatty thats on it for a FMF Gnarly with that Boyeson Flange they make

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