KX450F 2010 Suspension HELP !

Hi guys!

Got my new Kawi 450 010 a couple of days ago..

The thing with suspension is hard, slower, faster, harder, softer etc...:bonk:

Im goin to ride a heavy killer Sand track tomorrow,

So im wondering does somebody know Recommended Settings for sand riding, for the hole suspension, That i can set? And then adjust with some clicks while riding if its not good..

My weight is like 70kg and riding fairly hard..

It would be great..:excuseme:

Thanks guys!

// Ferrari

Put there little more race sag to rear = more stable in deep sand

I guess your standard fork clicker settings are com 12 and reb 12 > adjust com to10 and reb 10-13 (depends on what kind of sand track) basically little slower but if there are a lot of small bumps and ruts... don´t go far from std-

STD shock clicks: hc 1,5 go std or 1,4, lc 10, go 9 and reb 17 go 15 :excuseme:

THANKS Alot !! I'll try it out next time =)

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