Klx 250 or 450

ive recently been looking at buying a trail bike for road and offroad purpose's and am wondering what to look at

been really interested in the klx models and have priced up some;

KLX250S $6500 2009 model in stock now

KLX450R $11,900 2010 model - available soon

which was as of 9am this morning

just wondering what would be the better bike for me.

19 years old, 185cm tall, 70kg,

be around 50/50 purpose


other bikes to look at?

never really been a huge fan of the yamaha's since my friends ahve had alot of problems with them.

thanks in advance

250 is about 18-20 hp and the 450s are around 48hp

185cm = about 6 feet

70kg = about 155 pounds

Both are good bikes and if you plan on spending any meaningful amount of time on the road the bigger the engine the easier it is to log miles. I personally would also consider the CRF250x, most reports rate it way higher than the KLX250. And KTM has an endless supply of models that slot in between these models (for more money).

But if I had to choose between these two bikes then the 450 would win. Mostly because of your need to spend half of your time on the road.

The DRZ400 would be a great bike for this. Should be less expensive than the KLX450 and better suited on the roads than the KLX250.

I would get the 450 because a wr250 is slow but a wr450 is fast. The Yamaha's might be different

cheers for all of the info.

just from personal experiences (probably bad choices) with my first bikes and from mates always had the opinion to stick away from yamaha's due to seeing problems and all, and ktm just dont see the need to spend that much in a bike and every part.

but really looking more into the honda's and suzuki's aswell.


dude, i cant believe no1 said this!!!!

they're completely different bikes, no comparisson at all!!!!!

the 250 is underpowered but is way more comfortable for the road and does ok offroad

r u a begginer?? if so buy the 250!!

trust me when i say this, they're completely different bikes!!!!!!!!!!

In this country a KLX450 is not street legal OTD, although I believe the 250 is street legal. Yamaha makes a 250 that is street legal and also has EFI even though you said you were anti-Yamaha (I'm a Yamaha owner). There is no real dual purpose bike in my opinion so you have to decide which 50% of that 50/50 use you favor .

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