hi all,

just a question about my clutch for my 04 xr400. when i put it in first gear and pull the clutch in the back tire spins, which obviously the clutch isnt disengaging. any tips or advice on what could be causing this.. i sort of have an idea but would just like to pick some brains.

also i have just started doing some small jumps, is there anything i should be regularly maintaining or checking, before and after.. is there any likely damage it could possibly cause?

these questions might seem silly, as i am not entirely mechanical so forgive me.

Are saying it spins when the bike is on a stand with the tire off the ground? That's normal. There's enough friction/drag from the oil between the plates/discs to turn the wheel, even with the clutch pulled in.

Now with the tire on the ground and it in first gear with the clutch pulled, if you rev it and it wants to take off, then you can be concerned.

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