big bores only

There is a place to talk about big bores. there is a 200 club but no big bore club. I have a 1998 ktm 380 mxc. It is my favorite bike yet. i am probally the youngest big bore rider. i am 13.

All you need to do is to start a thread with the title "2-Stroke Big Bore Club" or something.

440, 500, 550 were bigbores. 380 is medium bore HAHA

440, 500, 550 were bigbores. 380 is medium bore HAHA

true but the 380 will hang with the 500s

true but the 380 will hang with the 500s

ooook :excuseme:

380's handle better than true big bores but are not faster, they are a great mix of power and weight making a nice package, but just on pure power and top speed potential of 500 class bike IMHO

ooook :excuseme:

i guess you havent rode a big bore theres so much torque the rear wheel never hooks while the 380 will hooks up much better and still rev out nice

I wish I could put a 380 on my 04 300

well a 38 rider can beat a 500 rider esier on a tight track or long race. the 380 rider wil not tire as fast as the 500 rider. isnt 350 and up big bore??????

it depends what 500. against the boat anchor 500's of the old days the 380 would be faster. on the other hand the 380 wouldnt have much chance against a new cr500AF. 380 vs cr500AF isnt really comparing apples to apples though.

i ride a ktm 380 mxc and have beat a LOT of 500s in le mans dead engine start races

if i had to put money on a 380 or this 500, my money is on the honda lol. dont get me wrong i like ktm and theyre awesome bikes and i have 3 of them but im just sayin lol


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