Fork Air Pressure.

From Manual:


Front Fork

Air Pressure

The standard air pressure in the front fork legs is atmospheric

pressure. Air pressure in the fork legs increase

with normal use, so the fork action stiffens during operation.

Release air pressure form the fork legs prior to each

race through the pressure relief screw located in each front

fork cap.

This being said, how many people actually vent their forks, out of curiosity. I haven't done it but i've also never found the front susp. to be overly stiff or feel stiffer than usual. Just wondering...

I do it every time i take a break and put my bike on the stand-usually when i relube my chain i do it at the same time. I ride alot of moto and extreme trails and i can tell a differance on my kx and klx. I always hear it hiss when the air is released. I have 732 miles on my klx and 78 hrs on my kx and still have the stock fork seals! i also run the seal savers on my fork tudes. Invest in the push button bleeders, the screws will let dirt fall in the fork tube when loosened. And always have the bike on a stand with the front wheel of the ground or you will create a vacume in the forks when pressure is released.

Thats good info - thanks for posting!

Any info or link for the push buttons - I bleed mine and have experienced the dirt problem.

I put on some bleeders from tusk. Takes about a minute to do.

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