My Ride

I have nearly completed my latest bike.

Just need to install new seat cover and regina chain and we will be set.

Who can guess what bike it is?




10 exc450 . Looks good.

Definitely not a 250/450/505 SX-F & XC-F, which is the forum you posted this in.:smirk:

Just playin! :excuseme::thumbsup::bonk:

Better loosen that chain before you ride it!!!!

Chain has been replaced about 10 minutes ago and is much looser now!

The bike is an 2009 400EXC-R

where can a layperson get those graphics? The bike looks great, BTW.

I got a contact from Ville that i used. He can make anything you like.

PM Ville and he will set you up:thumbsup:

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