TLD SE2 paint fade

just wondering if anyone has had this problem with this helmet or anyother helmet,

it is the thunderbird one, and it is in white,

the helmet is always washed after each ride with a sponge and water, and then put in its bag,

the helmet is only 6months old, and the white is now a deep cream and when the peak is removed you can see a huge difference.

so is this normal with this company or does it happen all helmets (first white helmet)

DB, I've had two TLD helmets and they still look like they did the day I bought them. One is an 05 and it still looks good (no fading) I would call or E-Mail troy right-away. They take pride in their helmets, I wold expect them to be concerned with your issue.

Good luck, keep us posted if you can.


So thet're pretty good at TLD? I have a SE2 and would like a spare visor. Wonder what that'd cost me? And if they'd even bother? It's a 'Gunner.'Paint scheem

Give them a call. My first SE2 came with a spare visor. If it's not a custom paint scheme they prob have your visor in stock.

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