Best Exhaust on a 2005 YFZ450


Hi !

I would like to know wich aftermarket exhaust is the best for the yfz450.

I was thinking of a Toomey Racing complete kit with jetting but I can't find any good reviews on it, it seems to be more popular for banshee.

My choice priorities in order are:

- Power Gain and quality (safe for the engine)

- The Sound

- Look

- Weight

- Price

A search should provide you with plenty of feedback. Don't let anyone really persuade you into any one particular aren't going to notice much of a power difference from one to another (with a stock motor anyways). Just take into account that there are a few to steer away from, since they are loud as crap. Sparks, the older Yoshi, name a couple. They are obnoxious, at least the N-Motion.

Post all of your mods and your elevation.......we can get you into the ballpark on your jetting with that info.

I have an HMF slip-on on my 09 and its quite a bit lighter than the old stocker, sounds good and got a decent power increase from it. I dont know the exact weight and power differences but I'm happy with it. It is a little on the loud side but I keep mainly to MX tracks anyhow. My buddy has on 08 pumpkin like BMW's and he has the GYTR full system and k&n airfilter and his feels like it pulls harder than mine and its a little quieter than mine as well. Oh yea and two weeks ago I was on my buddies quad, drag racing a raptor 700 with (from what I saw) an exhaust and some power commander thing with a race setting on it and I spanked him 6 times in a row. After we were done he asked what was done to it and I told him, just the pipe and air filter...hope that helps ya out!

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